Friday, 5 February 2016

Places to Eat: Côte

Today I went to côte for lunch with my friend Eniola. I had seen this cute French restaurant a couple of times before and finally went in today! It's got good food and a really nice atmosphere. I love Richmond because it has the best places to eat and shop (food and clothes, basically all a girl needs). My friend and I popped into Anthropology and we were tempted to leave with half the store. Defiantly on my favourite list of shops at the moment. There are so many gorgeous interior pieces, it makes me want my own house but for now I'll stick to candles, books and the odd mug. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely day!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Love Me Beauty

I'm off college for just under a week so I should probably be catching up with work but as expected, I'm procrastinating. I got a delivery this morning (well a couple more than one actually) but one that I had anticipated more than just the usual. I am subscribed to Elle and of course each magazine comes filled with leaflets which I usually just flick through and disregard but I decided to go on the website of one company called Love Me Beauty. You pay a monthly subscription and get credit to buy some of the beauty products they stock that are quite expensive if you were to buy them outside of the company. I'm not usually one to buy into these things but with the promotion I received from Elle, I thought I'd give it a go and was surprisingly pleased with what I got. It's a really good company and the website tailors the things available to you, I would recommend it. If you were interested, you can use my promo code ISHEA195.

 I've included my two trusty lip balms Carmex and Burt's Bees as they are essentials everywhere I go!
 In my Love me beauty box this month, I chose a Liquid Define Babylon Brown from Eye of Horus, a gold necklace with raw cut aquarium stone, Firming Fiji Facial Oil from Monu and Creme Fraiche De Beaute from Nuxe. 
 This is another product that I had to include as it's recently become one of my favourite skin products. My sister introduced it to me and I love it, you can feel it stinging at first which I love as I feel like it's actually working. You can get it from Holland Barrett. 

Check the website for more info- 

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Does 3pm still count as brunch?

My sister is home for a few days so we went for a rather late brunch today to catch up. We went to the local hero which is one of my favourite cafe's in town. It has super cute interior and great food so would defiantly recommend it.

Top- Zara     Trousers- Asos     Coat- Zara


Saturday, 9 January 2016

17th in South of France and Update

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and the new year is going well so far! As always, it's been ages since I last blogged so I'll spare you the excuses and just give you a little update. Nothing really exciting has happened lately but I had a great 2015 and have a really good feeling about 2016 too! It was my 17th birthday in December and as one of my presents, my sister took me to the South of France for the weekend. We stayed in Nice and went to Monte Carlo on one of the days we were there. It was so lovely to have a break with her and catch some surprisingly good weather. I just had mocks this past week and my timetable worked out giving me a four day weekend so I thought it'd be a good chance to blog. I think from now on I will probably be posting less personal style and more general life, little trips and looks I've seen and loved. Although I will still do some outfit posts when I can. I absolutely love France so I thought I'd share some pictures from December with you. I hope you have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by!