Monday, 7 September 2015

First Day

Today I started College which is a very different experience from Secondary School. I was really undecided for a long term last year on whether I wanted something new or to stay at my school's sixth form. One of the A Levels I really wanted to do, my school no longer did so I decided to move to a college. So far I'm really happy with my decision and love the place I'm studying at. I think I needed something new and would defiantly recommend to just do what you feel you want to because everyone is different. I am feeling positive and looking forward to the next two years even after the awkward first day and though A Levels are going to be very hard. I hope that if you're still in education, you are enjoying the new school year so far and good luck! 

My folder is from Paperchase and my flask is from a market in Dubai but I remember seeing them in Urban Outfitters a couple of years back. 

Top- Asos Jeans- Asos Bag- Zara Necklace- H&M